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September 06, 2005

Greens bringing back conscription

The Greens are out after the yoof vote. I'm not sure I count as part of the that anymore, probably note I suspect. But here they give 21 reasons to vote for the Greens if you're part of that generation. Reason #1?

We won’t send you overseas to die in illegal, immoral wars.

Seriously, is that really #1 on the minds of the kids? NZ hasn't had conscription since my Dad was called up back in the dark ages of the birthday ballot. So if they aren't going to send you away to an illegal war, they will send you to a legal one? Must be, otherwise there is no point in saying it. Hence, the Greens are bringing back conscription!!! The last point?

We’ve made sure silly mistakes you make when you’re young won’t haunt you for the rest of your lives.

But voting is by secret ballot so noone will know you were dumb enough to vote Green when you're 45 anyhow. Otherwise the list sounds a lot like "vote for us and we'll look after you just like Mum and Dad". But give them credit for using the term "intergenerational theft" and not mentioning invading the Caucasus as a means to ending "peak oil".


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