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August 10, 2005

Small town irony

I went for a drive today to a town nearby, Alingsås, down the main road towards Stockholm. It's a nice little cafe town, full of arty stuff and parks and things. Alingsås is known for a few things, chiefly it seems to be the place that the potato took hold in Sweden. So much so that they have a potato festival every year, which I guess I will have to see sometime.

Another thing it is known for is that Herman Goering convalesced in hospital there after the First World War.

As we were driving round we drove past the local offices of the Social Democrats, the Center Party and the Left Party. The Left Party had a single poster on their front door, "Boycott Israel".

Funny how somethings don't change.


  • funny to read about your own town in sommeone elses eyes ;)

    By Anonymous Rickard, at 10:06 pm  

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