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August 16, 2005

Shopping malls, bastions of democracy

More stupid ideas from Keith.

Westfield won't let enrolment stalls in their malls unless they pay a fee. Apparently this is highly undemocratic.
"The footpaths outside street shops are public space and can be freely used for petitioning, stalls, busking, even political protesting. Perhaps we need new by-laws to require such commercially-operated, and often foreign-owned, malls to open up to free community activities, including enrolling voters."
Here's an idea... set up a stall outside the mall you cheapskate. How is it going to help the democratic process by imposing laws on businesses that they must allow "free community activities"? I know that in the green tinged world property rights and everything derived thereof have nothing to do with democracy or freedom, but really... if it is so exceedingly important that these nasty "foreign owned" malls must have enrolment stalls then why not use your dopey soft-drink tax to pay the going rate to the mall? You're mad keen on wasting money on everything else, why not this? Lots of Maori and Pacific Islanders go to church, are you going to force things in there too? Or on the local marae, even if they don't want it?


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