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August 10, 2005

Please do not feed

Whose been poking sticks through the bars at PA today then?

Tibby the one-eyed cat:
So despite all the protestations of our resident pyjamahadeen over there in RWDB-O-Plenty (you people really need to get out of the house, and stop posting photos of women you'll never actually sleep with),
Which if you follow his pajamahadeen link you can read As Andrew Sullivan noted in response to Klein's remarks: "Actually, I'm in sweatpants and a tanktop. But of course, it doesn't matter a jot what a fact-checker is wearing as long as his facts are correct. CBS's apparently aren't." Substitute PA for CBS and there you go.

Can someone point me to the RWDBOPlenty web site? I have some pictures to post...

Then the redoubtable one-eye Brown going into uncharacteristic granny mode,
Finally, one of the more curious characteristics of the local right-wing blogosphere is the frequency with which its denizens need to keep assuring everyone they're getting some, oh yes they are. In which spirit, this story from Insolent Prick, which DPF thinks it is "outrageous" (presumably in a good way). I think it's sort of embarrassing, even as humour, as which it is presumably intended.
Naughty DPF, you should go engagingly ballistic or have a rhetorical flourish when you are commending the uncommendable, otherwise you are merely exhibiting your
Small. Penis.


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