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August 10, 2005

Men, an insecure lot

How on earth can anyone seriously write this sort of stuff??
Brickell said masculinity was always in crisis. Women's suffrage made men anxious, as did the fortitude and resourcefulness of women during the world wars, gay liberation, the second wave of feminism and black power.
Basically, everything that can possibly happen makes men "anxious". Oh wait...
Similarly, Otago University sociologist and gender studies lecturer Dr Chris Brickell had little time for the British research.
Reminds me why I left the university system and I did science so got off pretty easy.

I remember going to a lecture in feminist studies with my (now) wife, to see what it was like. They showed a film about the insecurities of men, something about a little mouse of a man dominated by some woman or another if I remember. We both crept out after 10 minutes. Why was my wife doing the course? Only one that fitted the timetable. It was one of those ironic courses you think only exists in a comedy sketch, the guys would deliberately write an all out assault essay on anything "male" and get A+ while the less political women would get C for considering the opposite "side" of the topic.


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