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August 05, 2005

Juan Cole redux

I see the great Brown has trotted out the Juan Cole load of cobblers which has been pinging round the traps for a while now...
Juan Cole's Fisking the War on Terror is one to cut out and keep. Bring it out when somebody asks you where terrorists come from.
Funnily enough, the article doesn't show any pictures of terrorists' mothers.

He seems to have "missed" these, among others, somehow:

Fisking Juan Cole: A Photo Gallery
Responding to the Obvious
Making Cole-slaw of history

Mind you, he does seem to like the intellect-lite style of the great JC, whom he references quite a lot.

Oh and do you reckon he'll be saying something like this when Condi is elected VP in 2008?
And here's the Wiki on Canada's new Governor General, Michaëlle Jean. Journalist. Immigrant. Black. Intellectual. Total babe.


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