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August 16, 2005

It helps if you read the links you reference

I shouldn't, I shouldn't, I shouldn't.

But it's just too much fun.
The New York Review of Books has Peter W. Galbraith's Iraq: Bush's Islamic Republic. The new Harper's magazine has a wonderful essay by Bill McKibben; 'The Christian Paradox: How a Faithful Nation Gets Jesus Wrong'. The full essay is print-only, but there's an except here. Pogblog is calling it "one of the most important watershed moral upheavals of our generation."

McKibben, a former New Yorker staffer and current Methodist Sunday School teacher, has also been interviewed in a piece headed What Would Jesus Drive?
Let's start at Pogblog. What do they actually say?

The Anti-Christ Nation
The imagination quails – shrinks back, shudders – at the violence of the delusion, the wickedness, the nastiness, the awful arrogance of our present Golden-Calf-ridden Nation. Christ would certainly be turning over in his grave if he were still there. Looking at it from the Anti-Christ angle, one trembles at the audacity of it (By the way, Karlsputin Rove³ was born on December 25, 1950 if you want an Absolut Reba’s Baby³ moment of chilling synchronicity tinct with frostbites of ironies.) Look at the conversion of GeorgeBush, Barbara’s Baby, from alcoholic to christoholic. It’s the same addiction circuits.

The guy who writes pogblog is a freaking loon. Look at some of his other articles, if you can get through them. Russ might as well put in a quotation from Pat Robertson, it'd make as much sense. Or Scrappleface, if he wants to go that road again.

The McKibben article? Hmmm, seems to be admonishing Americans for believing in Jesus without knowing the 10 commandments or being able to control their credit cards. Mind you, this is the same wingnut who praises Cuba's dire agriculture after they lost Soviet support, without the need for dependence on oil (Chavez who???) etc. No agenda there then. As for his What Would Jesus Drive, read it to see what happens when environmentalism becomes a religion mixed up with a contempt for the average population. Russ doesn't like fundie Christians, but the Christians who mix it all up with Marxism and Greenie politics are just fine. I can only imagine he calls it a "wonderful essay" because it is full of numbers showing how dumb your average American is.

Galbraith is at least credible and worries about the emergence of an Islamic republic. Which is fine, the outcomes of war are never certain and removing the tyrant will unleash unknown quantities. However, per his usual MO, Russ uses one reasonable introductory piece but fills it out with outright loonies as if to show some wide ranging consensus or coherent thread. Who wants to bet he even read the impenetrable pogblog article? Anyone??
A soldier's videoblog from Iraq. Two minutes' noise, confusion and chaos.
Well, it's a video of some American soldiers raining heavy gun fire on some distant and unknown target. Noise. Yes, usually accompanies heavy calibre machine guns. Confusion and chaos? No. Quite a lot of excitement, though fairly orderly. Back up the link one step to the "all videos" section and you find it's some weird German site filled with virtual propaganda videos against the US. The point of the reference? Well, you see that soldiers fire guns and that there is a general level of excitement during battle. Who'd have thought it?
And, finally, MSNBC's Tucker Carlson has explicitly endorsed terrorism: so long as it's French. He said, on air, that the fatal attack on the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland made him "respect" France and "won me over". I've always thought he was a tosser, but …
Find some media loudmouth who says something stupid. Good hunting, can't wait for his similar exposés on various other morons of the media. Otherwise it seems to be a good reason to avoid PBS, if you can actually get it, which you probably can't.

There is some stuff about the political debate on TV3, but since I didn't see it and won't I can't really comment except where it is apparently OK that a judge ordered TV3 about which is OK by Russ. Presumably because Don Brash was declared the loser and his most favouritest woman-in-a-Mao-shirt won, at least according to the Herald. Then there is the obligatory food/drink reference, what cool music I listened to and, shock horror for the prudish out there, he mentions how much he is getting
and in the afternoon I nailed something I've been working on for a long time
Tee hee, see I can play the out of context game too!

(Cue Ackers, stage left...)

In a similar vein, this lengthy holier-than-thou lecture could be equally informative if condensed to,
I once worked with some Pacific Island women, aren't I cool and understanding?
To quote his stablemate,
I've always thought he was a tosser, but …
I should hand this gig back to RWDB.


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