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August 16, 2005

I can't see this guy helping things

What happens when you take a bigotted Englishman who gets revelation on an oil well and converts? A speaking tour of NZ by an intellectual dwarf that is supposedly going to help relations with Islam.
Mr Green said he was taken aback by learning something from an Egyptian, because he had considered them inferior people.
And, surprisingly enough, the conversion does not seem to have cured him of being a bigot.
Mr Green drew smiles from the predominantly Muslim audience while explaining his doubts about the Holy Trinity, saying he realised that believing it meant believing God could die and was His own father.
Like that is the biggest problem when you are believing in a god. If God is god and can do what he likes, why on Earth can't he fake his own death and be his own father?

"We have every convincing reason to believe that the Koran we have in our hands today is the same one revealed to the Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago ... when the Prophet Muhammad died, there was no more revelation."
Oh right, so there is nothing in there that is as troubling as the concept of the Trinity.

But just to round out the loon-fest,
Mr Peters said Mr Green is part of the "militant underbelly of Islam", and called on Maori to "reject this insidious threat to our nation".
Still, if the guy did actually say this
However, after reports in Australia that Mr Green had said "dying while fighting jihad is one of the surest ways to paradise and Allah's good pleasure", he was barred from stopping in Brisbane on his way to New Zealand and had to alter his plans.
he deserves little sympathy, not to mention saying this
"Actually, the whole British middle class are brought up to be extremely arrogant, as though they are the pinnacle of human development."
after just saying
"I was arrogant," he said last night.
News flash, you still are.


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