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August 16, 2005

Green Pied Pipers

Sue Kedgley is doing her save the children act again...
“Kiwi parents are being outgunned by food companies promoting unhealthy fat, sugar and salt laden foods to our kids. Unless we make sweeping changes to protect our children from the overwhelming commercial pressures on them to eat unhealthy food, dietary-related diseases will overwhelm our health system and many of the present generation of children may die before their parents,” Ms Kedgley says.
Nothing like a bit of total hyperbole to scare the parents. Usual nutbar response, oh here is a massive problem that is about to doom society and all that can save us is the revolution, follow us to the promised land! Remember to throw in the word children a couple of times for good guilt measure.

“We also want to develop a traffic light labelling system to help children identify healthy and unhealthy food – green for healthy, orange for ‘don’t eat too much’ and red for high sugar-high fat foods. And we want to change the rules so that only healthy food and drink can be sold in schools. We want nutrition education taught in all schools, no advertising of unhealthy foods on television, and the government to report annually on what it is doing to create an environment that encourages healthy eating
How utterly sexist. After all, a good fraction of boys are colour blind, who's looking out for them? I demand yet another labelling scheme to cater to this underrepresented minority.

Funny how many extra regulations there are in there, all designed to remove freedoms in the name of the kids. Strange, but I don't see a tax being proposed on fish'n'chip shops or the local burger joint. But after all, only the government can protect the children from the evils of commerce. Parents just mess it up far too much.
“Ultimately the only way to reduce the burden on taxpayers is to attack the main causes of ill health such as poor diet. This is what our food policy seeks to do,” Ms Kedgley said.
Ultimately the only way to reduce the burden on taxpayers is to add more tax. Or, maybe, make the choices you make in eating (or allowing your children to eat) personally costly. If you spend a lifetime eating your way to diabetes, fund your own treatment. It would neatly save this problem.
“Poor diet is the biggest cause of preventable death in this country. The cost to the health system is enormous. Obesity alone is estimated to cost $303 million a year,” Health Spokesperson Sue Kedgley says.
If you can't control your kids and give in all the time to sweets and fat then why on Earth did you have any? Kids will try it on for anything regardless of what's on TV. They are your responsibility, not everyone else's via the grand apparatus of the State.


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