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August 10, 2005

Battle of the Blog

The Green election blog is heralding the marshalling of the "progressive blogs" and gearing up for a counterattack...
It’s often been said that, globally, blogging is dominated by right-wingers.
Actually what it means is that blogging is suited to those of a more independent and sceptical nature, who are automatically labelled rightwing regardless of who they may actually vote for.
Well, if progressive forces in New Zealand politics were slow to pick up the art (and I’m not sure that they were), then the right/left battle is certainly a lot more even-handed than it was a year ago. Joining the seasoned Russell Brown, Jordan Carter and No Right Turn on the, er, correct side of the ideological divide have been frogblog and, now, KeepLeftNZ. The blog battle is now a much fairer fight.
Russell can't remember if he is in NZ or the USA, the Republican party of NZ must be quaking in its boots. Jordan is what, a semi-official party mouthpiece and No Right Turn seems to be the local Fisk appreciation society. KeepLeftNZ should really be called simply WeHateDonBrashNZ because that seems to be all that they are interested in. In common they all have a strange obsession with Iraq and Bush which, really, has little bearing on the NZ elections.

Interesting that they say "the blog battle is now a much fairer fight". It seems to suggest that the Greens feel there is a fight and that "they" were losing. If KeepLeftNZ is the best that they can come up with to aid the fight then the "progressive blogs" seem well on the way to having as much impact as they did in the US, somewhere between none to counterproductive, where the demented ranters on Daily Kos and Democratic Underground were the leading lights of the cause.


On a related note, how long before someone does this for NZ blogs? (Or has it already been done?)

Conservative Blog Taxonomy

Update 2:

Oh I missed this at No Right Turn
If you're reading this from Australia, you might want to check out GetUp!. It's an internet-based, grassroots progressive movement, essentially an Australian version of As with MoveOn, the basic idea is to campaign and mobilise grassroots support on key issues. Their first campaign is to remind federal senators that while the Coalition now has a majority in the Senate, they are still answerable to the electorate, and will be held accountable for the legislation they pass. More will no doubt follow.

Getting visibility and building membership is important, so if you have lefty friends in Australia, please drop them the link.

It would be nice to see something like this here, but I suspect one of the preconditions is having a right-wing government. And I don't really think that's worth it...
They want to fight a battle using blogs, yet here is a luminary of the left advocating using a model that was an abject failure. Throw millions of dollars at getting out the vote, sure, just make sure you get them to vote for your party, twits. There probably aren't millionaires daft enough in NZ to throw away enough money on this sort of scheme anyway. I know the fool goes by the name Idiot/Savant, but I have yet to see any of the savant part yet. Maybe he's good at adding up or something.


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