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July 11, 2005

Yet another one

This twit seems to be big on irony, so maybe the alias "Biff Guevara" is not indicative of anything more than that.


The world is tough enough as it is without this sort of tragedy. Ok Iraq's invasion was awful, and so was Afghanistan, and lots of innocent people died but ..... the problem with this stuff is that trying to balance out what is the lesser atrocity and what constitutes a just war is all bollocks.

Well let's see. You are incapable of making moral judgements. I know it is deeply indicative of the leftist mindset, all this fancy moral relativism. But it does start to make you shit yourself when the bombs land closer to home doesn't it? Even when you have been nice and non-judgemental and pondered why 3000 people dying isn't an act of war, just some sort of divine balancing act. Of course you can't say what constitutes a just war, for you have no moral system. It is a "just war" from both Osama's point of view, his religion and ideology make any such attacks just in terms of re-establishing the caliphate taking the fight against the Soviet Union to the fight against the West, while it is also just from, say, George W's point of view of escalating attacks against African embassies, first WTC attempts, USS Cole, second WTC attacks, Pentagon, Bali, Madrid, London... Oh but wait, even in a "just war" people get killed. Well yes, obviously. But would 6 million jews have been too worried if Hitler had been crushed after the invasion of Poland? I doubt it. Would you care to bet what would happen if Saddam was left free? Osama not hunted down? Will you take those odds?

It's all wrong... the Taliban were nasty oppressive tyrants, as was Saddam Hussein, and so is George Bush. The thing that infuriates me so much about the Islamic fundamentalists is that they would use our relative freedom to take it from everyone if they could. It's almost as perverse as bombing for peace.

So, pray tell, which country will George W be tyrannically ruling come the year 2009? I'm waiting... answer yet? No thought not. For the mentally retarded in the class, the answer is NONE. He won't be ruling any country, he will have stepped down and Hillary may even take over the reins. Not much of a tyranny. Oh but you were being ironic? Oh well done that cutting wit.

You even make a passing reference to a nugget of truth there... "they would use our relative freedom to take it from everyone if they could". But then you swerve back into la-la-land "It's almost as perverse as bombing for peace", can you come up with any more tired ironic jokes that make no sense?

But the deaths in London were just nasty.

Well maybe next time they will offer everyone sedation before they blow them up.


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