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July 04, 2005

What's Maori for "godfather" anyway?

Seems the Maori Mafia are getting bolder...

Self-styled 'Maori police' demand rent money

Men dressed in police uniforms are demanding money from Gisborne businesses, claiming it is rent owed to the Maori Government of Aotearoa.

Motel owners in Gisborne last week were told they would be evicted if rent was not paid after three visits.


The men delivered a "sovereign order" stating from June 21, Maori police and rent collectors would visit houses and businesses each week. "They shall visit three times only and, after that, eviction orders shall be promulgated," the order stated.

Rent charges are $200-400 for a 0.1ha (quarter-acre) property and $500-600 for a 0.2ha (half-acre) business. Private houses would also be charged rent at $50-100 for a 0.1ha and $100-200 for a 0.2ha property. It is unclear how often rents would be charged.

Well I think it will obviously be as often as they can. Why didn't anyone ask what the penalty for non-payment is? I doubt it is a trip to the district court.

Motelier Stewart Haynes said the men said the rents would mean they no longer had to pay council rates. "They claim that we'll get a better deal paying rates to them than the local council."

Cos if you pay the council instead of us, you are going to end up with no kneecaps. An offer you can't refuse.

He said although their appearance was intimidating, the men were very polite. "They seemed to be very genuine in their case."

What the hell? Basically demanding money with menaces, but they seem to be very genuine???

Police have advised motel owners to avoid debate with the men, to politely decline their offer and contact police immediately.

Police spokeswoman Sarah Martin said it was a serious offence to impersonate police and the men could be prosecuted.

Nikora said there was no intention to masquerade as police. Police labels had been removed from uniforms and replaced with Maori Security and Protection Force. "We've dropped the word police because we know that we're not allowed to use it."

Many business owners had been aggressive and threatening, she said.

Many businesses had been aggressive when a bunch of heavies turn up demanding money? You don't say.

Why do these fools want rent money anyway? There never was a Maori nation with sovereign property rights over land. There were numerous tribes who allied and warred and recognised right of conquest, but never any "Maori government" uniting them all under an umbrella of codified laws and rights.


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