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July 01, 2005

We don't need your stinking help

Man observes burglary, apprehends one of the crims after a scuffle and gets arrested...

Crimebusting doesn't pay

But Aashis Sadhu, one of the owners of the Guthrie Bowron store, applauds Michael's bravery and paid his fine.

He says Michael's arrest was unjustified and staff only found out when he told them about the incident.

"Mike said: `I tried to help catch these guys, I have been arrested and have to go to court'," Mr Sadhu says.

"The poor guy tried to help us and he's the one being made the culprit, it's absolutely ridiculous," he says.

"Personally I think the police should be a bit more understanding.

"It makes us laugh at the whole system. New Zealand security has become a bit of a joke."

The guy is a father of four with no prior criminal history and has the temerity to, you know, defend civil society and what happens to him? "Don't take the law into your own hands?" As if the law is someone else's to be taken away. Maybe if people had more feeling that they would have the backing of the law they would take more action over petty crimes and the like and perhaps the crime rate would drop.


The man of the hour...

Someone buy that man a DB.


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