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July 13, 2005

"This is the anti-imperialism of fools"

Via Instapundit.

A very anti-war Spiked writer has a much different take on the whole London business than most of the anti-war pseuds.

It's not all about Iraq

Why is everyone from George Galloway's RESPECT to the British National Party blaming Tony Blair for the London bombs?
by Brendan O'Neill

So, why was London bombed on 7/7? Given that no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, much less said why they did it, that is a pretty difficult question to answer. Yet some in the anti-war movement seem to have developed a sixth-sense ability to read the bombers' minds, and have revealed all: Londoners were bombed because of prime minister Tony Blair's involvement in the Iraq war.

The writer is none to impressed with the vacuity of the anti-war crowd, despite being 100% anti-war himself. While I disagree with him in some general areas, he does make some vwey good points about the foolishness and opportunism of most of the anti-war crowd that seeks to find blame in Blair and Bush or Iraq.

The attempt to link the bombs in London to the war in Iraq is the anti-imperialism of fools. It simultaneously fantasises that al-Qaeda elements are engaged in a war of resistance against the West, while taking an anti-war position that is more concerned with saving ourselves from mad bombers than offering solidarity with people in the Middle East against Western intervention.

It is well worth a read even if you are not anti-war, just to prove that there do exist anti-war thinkers with rationality and knowledge beyond the rubbish served up by local writers.


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