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July 08, 2005

Swedish domestic reaction

Symboliskt höjd beredskap i Sverige
Symbolic raising of preparedness in Sweden.

Säpo, the Swedish security service, secret police, what you will, says there is no "concrete evidence" of a threat to Sweden. I'm sure there isn't at the moment.

However, the attitude of "it won't happen here" is pervasive. Many believe that Osama and his ilk are inspired by Bush, Iraq etc. There is a studied, perhaps deliberate in some parts, ignorance of the nature of the threat. Many refuse to see that it is their very way of life, liberty for men and particularly women, freedom of choice, indeed everything most Westerners take for granted that is the target. These evil little men have been plotting war against the West for decades, but it is somehow easier to pretend that Sweden has no part in it since it is only George W that is the problem, and we all despise him so they won't come here.

Along with this deliberate or otherwise deflection is the almost unmentionable growing population of Muslim immigrants. Many of them are fine individuals, but a huge fraction of them steadfastly refuse to assimilate and maintain what would be unconscionable practises to other residents of Sweden. No one really dare talk about the problem, except when there are flares of violence in places like Malmö where they are concentrated most. No one wants to be branded racist (what worse label could there be?), to the point that laws on violence against children, inciting violence and more are let slide. No one expects better in the weird hypocrisy of cultural relativism that permeates officialdom.

It doesn't take much to see the possible outcome of the two situations above. Terrorists are not rational, they do not care that terrorism has never achieved the "stated goals". Particularly not when they are taught that paradise awaits the martyr. How long before zealous disciples of bin Laden and his associates are inspired to take the jihad further abroad? Do you really want to be on the Stockholm underground when that happens?

Till then, fingers crossed. They are only out after W of course.


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