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July 13, 2005

Summer hols and class warfare

Government cheerleaders are getting desperate when they start to use the fact that some people can afford to go on holiday is a sign of class division and sexism. Apparently it is a burning issue to the Social Democrats in Sweden.

Klass och kön i semestertider
Class and gender during holiday season

Some people can afford overseas holidays while some children live in what is termed "relative poverty". The latter is not defined but I assume it is one of those dodgy %age of median income or something.

Shockingly those most unlikely to travel overseas for summer are single women with children (apparently single fathers are rolling in it). And refugees. Some cannot afford to even take the 1 month+ national skive-off.

If you were wondering as you read it where all this rather selfevident nonsense was going, they finally get to it when they start in on the Moderate's (main centre-right party) policy for welfare reform. So you see, it is the Moderate's proposed reforms that are responsible for Agnetha Svensson and her five kids not being able to go to the Seychelles for summer, not the fact that a four week summer holiday is not some nationally instituted right.

Jeez, I make decent money and I didn't take a summer holiday last year either. Damn right wing monkeys not in government!


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