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July 23, 2005

Sir Humphrey's posts

My latest posts at Sir Humphrey's.

Rule 1. Don't run from armed men the day after terrorist attacks

So according to the British police the guy they shot after trailing wasn't a terrorist. He just ran away from them after approaching a tube station.

Well, tragic as it is, what do people expect the police to do? Within two weeks you have multiple bomb blasts killing dozens of people with no reason to expect a let up. Of course giving shoot to kill orders in a civil society are a bad thing and I don't really expect the police like it much either. But imagine being the bobby who hesitated and watches a bus disappear.

Social Democrats on the down and out

Socialism, it just isn't winning anywhere at the moment, not even in Sweden. The parallels with NZ are quite remarkable sometimes (Helen is even reputed to speak Swedish, or so I have heard). Sweden's election is still a year away, but at least things are looking rosey.

It's OK if the extremists are killing people somewhere else

Hmmmm. Got those fingers really tightly crossed?

Many believe that the cells in Sweden have a more logisitic function, gathering money and organising travel, says Jervas.

Oh that's OK then. They are just sending people out to kill someone else. WE on the other hand are fine, so long as we don't piss them off. How can anyone say that with a straight face? How about rounding them up and deporting them... oh except some fool gave them citizenship I bet.

We told you so

Sorry to reference the Guardian, but this is quite interesting. There are apologists amongst us.

It needs to be seen and said clearly: there are, among us, apologists for what the killers do. They make more difficult the fight to defeat them. The plea will be - it always is - that these are not apologists, they are merely honest Joes and Joanies endeavouring to understand the world in which we live. What could be wrong with that? What indeed? Nothing is wrong with genuine efforts at understanding; on these we all depend. But the genuine article is one thing, and root-causes advocacy seeking to dissipate responsibility for atrocity, mass murder, crime against humanity, especially in the immediate aftermath of their occurrence, is something else.


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