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July 09, 2005

Rodders the right

To the prissy little whiner who was wondering when Rodney Hide was going to make a comment...

Here it is

We can’t contemplate the minds that set out to terrorise the world by killing and maiming innocent men, women and children at random.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families of the London bombings. And we realise that we are all victims of such terror attacks as nowhere and no-one is safe from such attack. That’s why it’s important that we stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against terror.

And we shouldn’t forget Israel. Last year Israel endured 40 terrorist attacks with 140 killed.

The London attacks rightly shock us. We have become all too innured to the attacks on Israelies.

Typical right wing bastard.

First he shows no lack of empathy for the perps... "We can’t contemplate the minds"

Then he fails to acknowledge that presenting your arse for a good reaming will get the terrorists to leave you alone... "nowhere and no-one is safe from such attack"

Worse, he gives props to Chimpy Bushitler! "stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against terror"

Then to finally prove he is really a death-camp guard in waiting he mentions Israel! Sympathetically!! "And we shouldn’t forget Israel"

Rodney! You seem to have forgotten Osama's crusade against global warming and you haven't looked deep within yourself to see why the terrorists want to do this to you.

Terribly partisan I'm afraid old chap.


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