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July 08, 2005

Ransom asides

Random asides on London

1. Thank the Lord that Islamic terrorists apparently have no one like Timothy McVeigh. It would be a simple task for someone to repeat that act multiple times in a city like London. Assemble truck bombs out in the countryside, drive them in one day and pang, away she all goes. Hundreds if not thousands dead.

1 a. The fact that (1) does not occur seems to indicate that the terrorists abilities are somewhat curtailed at the moment.

2. Why does everyone start off their posts with how they have family and friends in London? You'd be pretty hard pressed to find a Kiwi without at least a cousin and a couple of mates there.

3. Where is all this outrage when Palestinian madmen and women blow up busses full of school kids in Israel? Is it related to (2) above? At least the left are consistent on this point, it's the victims fault there as well.

4. Why doesn't George Galloway just move to Saudi Arabia and be done with it?


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