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July 01, 2005

Race trumps sex

A female probation officer is at a ceremony to farewell prison inmates from some programme and is forced to stand behind all the blokes, due to "Maori protocol", because she is lacking in the testicular necessities.

Josie Bullock, a Wellington mayoral candidate in 2001, has been given a verbal warning for refusing to move to the back at a poroporoaki, or farewell, for male offenders who had just finished a violence prevention programme last December.

The Onehunga probation officer, who belittled the warning as a "slap over the wrist with a wet bus ticket", is now defying departmental instructions not to speak out on the issue.

Ms Bullock said the probation service was a government department and was supposed to be non-sexist and secular. Yet she was obliged to attend functions where there were prayers and to take second place to men purely because she was a woman.

Ahhh, the idiocies of PC where a woman has more balls than the dipshits she works for.


However, feminists and Maori women yesterday were not leaping to her defence.

Because, when faced with an internal contradiction in their philosophy, or put another way when not dealing with a "white male" transgressor, they really have no way to deal with it. Certainly they can't say, well buggar me if this policy makes no sense when we have to try and choose between "culture" and "equality". Because, as with all this leftist shite, equality has no real part to play except when it can be wheeled out as a useful cannon against some bloke.

Maori activist lawyer Annette Sykes said she did not support Ms Bullock. As a probation officer, she was obliged to abide by rigid court protocols, and in the same way, she should abide by and respect Maori protocols.

Prominent Wellington feminist Margaret Shields, co-convener of the recent Women's Convention, said if Maori protocol was used it was not for others to define what that should be.

Maori Affairs Minister Parekura Horomia said Ms Bullock was "a Pakeha woman who is opposed to, defies and mocks the observance of tikanga Maori in her workplace".

"That's her choice, but it possibly says something about how she might interact with those she works with and comes into contact with on a daily basis."

Sorry Josie, but equality does not apply in the world of Maori protocol which is now deep frozen in the glorious past and unable to adapt to changing times. The sign of a dead culture if you ask me. You certainly won't get any help from supposed "prominent feminists".

Mr Matthews agreed Ms Bullock should be treated equally with her male colleagues and said Corrections was developing a policy balancing Maori protocol and equality laws. But, in his view, it was inappropriate to invite Maori to functions and then break their traditions and rules.

In other words, we'll make up some more opaque policy to placate the complainers until the fuss dies down, then it'll be business as usual.

Ms Bullock made "a scene" that embarrassed people rather than making her views known appropriately.

"We don't have a problem with the views, but it was the manner in which they were expressed and her behaviour in that forum that was found to be inappropriate."

Oh for God's sake, tough titty! So some sheila has the temerity to kick up a stink about being treated like second-rate citizen in a *government workplace* and you're all upset because it was inappropriate. Heaven forbid you should support her and say to the dipwads organising whatever it was that they can't tell her to go sit at the back like a naughty child.


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