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July 07, 2005


Everyone else is commenting on London of course. Let's take a tour on the wingnut side of NZ blogs. Well, three biggish ones that have been updated. Well, OK the only ones that happen to be updated in the last *days*...

No Right Turn

BBC has an updating timeline here and eyewitness accounts here.

You have to love the British authorities - when confronted with a problem, they lie reflexively, and blame explosions on "power surges" - even when they occur on buses.

Ah nice that. Nothing about who did it. No sympathy. Nothing except a swipe at the authorities. Also a lie, since any twit who watched it unfold saw the "power surge" was only blamed on the first tube bomb, by the time busses were blowing up no one called it a power surge. Wanker 1.

Just Left
I was in my hotel room and had the TV on about 5pm (9pm NZ time) when first heard the reports of the atrocities in London. At that point, they were claiming that it was power outages on the Underground, but they had just reported the bus explosion, and it seemed obvious to me it was terrorism. That now seems to be clear.

My thoughts are with those who got caught up in this through no fault of their own. When I lived in London, just after the Madrid bombings last year, every suspicious look, every bag, you looked at it and wondered if there was a bomb there. And today, perhaps, there was.

Very sad. I am sure that the UK will carry on as it usually does. Londoners are used to terrorism. This won't knock em.

... no fault of their own...
Well, that would seem to be everyone involved. You see, wanker 2, no one who could be labelled "at fault" was targetted. One could not even say people were in the wrong place at the wrong time. For the TERRORISTS who COMMITTED the crime they were the TARGET. This twat makes it sound like an act of God, rather than a premeditated act of evil.


Firstly all my thoughts are with the people of London. This tragic event will change your city I do not doubt. Be strong, look out for each other and know our thoughts are with you. Any of my London based friends who read this, drop me an email to let me know you're ok please.

But I have to say this: Learn from New York. The question is not who did it, but why did they did it. This is the most important lesson to learn if we are ever to win the 'war on terror' because if we don't start to ask this question, the attacks will only continue, and continue, and there will be more and more retaliation.

Please learn this lesson everybody.

On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of victims of the war on terror.

And so wanker 3 trundles out the ... we must understand why ... load of crap. We know why. For decades, long before your current fashionable hatred for the west, the Islamic TERRORISTS have been planning these things. The war on terror will be won the same way all wars are won, by crushing the enemy. And don't give me that on behalf of "hundreds of thousands of victims" bullshit either, faux sympathy for people you don't know, would never meet and frankly don't care about anyway is disgusting. The lesson from New York was, you want to kill thousands of us? Well, we'll crush your dreams of the Caliphate restored into the dust, along with your financiers, buddies and anyone who feels like joining you. Two toppled regimes for every terrorist act sounds about right.

It is amazing how much these freaks will fall over themselves to avoid even mentioning the prime suspect (no, no one will fault you if you were wrong, you aren't the police and you aren't giving evidence) while indirectly absolving the perpetrators of responsibility because, obviously, they had no choice and the "reason" lies with the victim.

Still, it is heartening to think that similar acts against the USA and Australia had precisely the reverse desired effect and Britain ought to be no different. Tony Blair might be a domestic nightmare of a politician, but at least he has testicles when it counts. It could only be better if Maggie or Winston was in charge.

I can't wait for the sewage to start flowing from these web sites, based on their respective histories of the last 4 years.

Update 1. They nearly got through a decent press release without jumping the the deep end. Nearly...

Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Keith Locke has written to the British Green Party expressing the New Zealand Greens’ great sadness at the loss of life in the terrorist bombings.

“This was obviously designed to divert the G8 away from its work on poverty and climate change – we hope these terrorists’ plans are not successful,” he says.

Yes. Obviously Osama is concerned about too much attention on climate change. Keith, you are a freaking MORON!,

Update 2.

Would I choose modern Christianity over modern Islam? Of course. But the church has presided over so many of its own horrors. The faith still seems a vehicle for hate in some hands. And it is not unreasonable to describe those IRA bombers, with their insane sectarianism, as Christian terrorists.

A classic strawman. The fact that Christian terrorists exist has precisely what to do with it?

Spirituality as a means of modelling nature, you might say. But I cannot contrive to believe in a Man in the Sky handing down instructions for life. My values - and those that defend us from what has happened in the past 24 hours - are human values. I believe they are strong.

PS: I made this post, went for a walk and came back and changed one word: the last one. The word was "stronger", now it is "strong". I decided that I simply wanted to assert my values, not to elevate them over anyone else's. We have enough of that.

The crazy defence of moral relativism. Faux humanism. Another religious straw man. Squeezing your eyes shut and hope the nutters don't choose your bus.

Whoops nearly forgot the obligatory Bush-bash...

Tony Blair's initial statement was good; Ken Livingstone's impromptu speech from Singapore, on behalf of and about Londoners - no, he said, we will not surrender to hate - utterly inspiring. Sitting there, in a quiet house in front of the TV, I cried as he spoke. [Bush, with his wooden cliches, I just wanted to slap.]

Course, Bush has said on numerous occasions the equivalent of "we will not surrender to hate". But he has no style when he says it, so he clearly doesn't mean it. Of course, not wanting to bash Red Ken or Pinkish Tony would also be a part of it.


  • Wow your a psychopath
    Couldn’t you keep partisan politics out of this tragedy for one fucking second asshole?
    What a fucking hero you are mate. Well done.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:00 am  

  • Err, fuckknuckle, I was merely pointing the idiocy of the partisan bollocks showing up elsewhere. Go back and cry somewhere else my hero "anonymous".

    By Blogger Chefen, at 6:58 am  

  • Get fucked loser. If your going to play partisan games why dont you point out that other right wing blogs such as Rodney Hide have written NOTHING on this topic before you start bashing the 'lefties'.
    You a fucking loser and that is why no one normally comments on your blog
    Pathetic man

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:47 pm  

  • Whoa, someone's got a little sand in their vagina!

    When Rodders comes out with some dumbarse comment on the topic, then I'll give it some thought.

    I don't know who pulled your chain, but you'd better take your Prozac. Sorry if I offended your blog in the original post, whichever one you own. Well, actually I'm not sorry.

    Interesting to see that you read this blog so much that you know the commenting patterns.

    You'd better run back to bed now before Mum finds you up late surfing for porn and gunging up the keyboard.

    By Blogger Chefen, at 2:10 pm  

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