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July 06, 2005

Party gags

Yesterday a group of thespians launched the Culture Party in Sweden, hoping to get into parliament and requisition more dosh for poor starving artistes.

Today it is all revealed as a gag. But lots of people fell for it and some said they would vote for it (what, another party demanding more money be given away on random crap? Where do I sign up?). People seem to like this sort of thing here in Sweden, unfortunately not all of them are jokes.

This particular laugh was conducted by the National Theatre. At the cost of 200,000 crowns of tax money. Sigh.

One party (The Centre Party) is asking for an investigation into the misuse of the money.

The Greens are predictably sad that it didn't last longer, so that more money could be directed to "culture". But anything that soaks a bit more money from the plebs is alright by them.


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