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July 06, 2005

Maori Mafia busted

Further to the Maori Mafia demanding rent money from businesses

'Maori Govt' leader denies running scam

Sue Nikora, 69, the "prime minister of the Maori Government of Aotearoa", has been bailed to appear in court on Friday charged with being a party to impersonating a police officer.

They follow there customary laws of demanding rent (in white man's NZ legal tender of course)...

"It is about our tino rangatiratanga or our sovereignty rights which cannot be breached ... wherefore it follows that the tangata whenua ... live in freedom to enjoy the rights of protection afforded to us by our own tikanga Maori or customary laws," she told National Radio.

but then

"One of our caucus implementations to support our proclamations was the creation of a law and order protection force. Unfortunately we used the words `Maori Police'. We didn't know we couldn't use the word police."

When confronted by the limp wrist of the law they suddenly get all cagey. Not being able to demand rent on property you don't own didn't seem to worry them much though.

"It's not a scam. We have got our lands back and what these boys were doing, they were going to demand rent for land that we own.

"We weren't asking for compensation, we were only asking for rent from the 30th of May onwards."

She didn't agree that the moteliers had title on the land as the "Maori Government" had proclaimed it back.

"They are working with lands which are now owned by Maori. It's always been owned by Maori," she said.

"It's always been Maori land, even before the Maori got here." she didn't say.

"It's the first time that we have been upstanding and claiming back our rights."

Except for those previous occasions they were upstanding and claiming. Dame Whina Cooper who again?


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