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July 15, 2005

Herding cats

Seems Kofi and Co are having trouble with their anti-terrorism thingies (*cough* Joos *cough*)

The United Nations already has 13 treaties intended to counter various aspects of terrorism.

Because terrorists will be subdued and/or defeated by a UN working group clattering round the local 5-star hotels preparing assessments of the drinks cabinet.

"I think a simple, clear definition that gets across the message that killing of innocent civilians or non-combatants, regardless of one's cause, is terrorism pure and simple, will suffice. And I hope the membership in time will come to this agreement," Annan told reporters on Tuesday.

I dunno, but shouldn't the definition of terrorism include the word "terror"? The death of civilians/noncombatants sounds a bit too much like the definition of "total war" or maybe even just "war". Oh wait, then you'd have to differentiate between Minutemen and Terrorists.


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