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July 08, 2005

Dingbats Deux

Oh lordy, another Kiwi dingbat...

And that's my fear, that simply being Muslim will be enough to incur the wrath of angry, bewildered and vengeful citizens of many countries, not just Britain. Once again, the spectre of fundamentalist Islam will be raised by those who want to scare you into hating innocent Muslims in quiet havens like New Zealand.

But, let me make one point very clear, Al Qaeda is to Islam what the IRA is to Catholicism. The IRA exploding bombs in London did not equate to Catholicism being a threat to everyone. No-one invented farcical terms like 'Islamopopists'.

Let me repeat the title above. DO NOT BE AFRAID. This type of attack will not occur in New Zealand. We have not made any insane enemies. We have not followed our powerful friends into any foolhardy, greedy wars. Since long before September 11 we have been known as an open and tolerant country that accepted 'others' like Muslims into our society. Nothing that has happened over the past few years should change that, and nothing that has happened can justify ever changing that.

But in Britain? The British already have far, far too many kinderfascists who will already be using this attack to galvanise their support. Already the angry words are being muttered, soon to be screamed at people who do not deserve hatred. Already the spectre of the Jewish pogroms that beset innocents in another age will be waiting just over the rise. And I say that we should have no part of it, lest we become the animals all these fundamentalists are.

I can't even be bothered commenting on this, how do you even make sense of the self-righteous and hypocritical toss that is more worried about possible reactions of legions of "kinderfascists" (prediction, not many to none) than actual live terrorists out there killing people at random.


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