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July 11, 2005

A change

Well now for something completely different...

I moved to Sweden from NZ. Everyone asked why, since it would be so cold etc etc.

We have had 30+ degrees for many days straight, with no end in sight. The sun doesn't really go down, so it cooks all night long.

Mosquitoes are huge here, and they hurt.

There are snakes! But luckily only one mildly poisonous type. I don't know how to spot the non-poisonous ones yet, shoot to kill.

Ticks love the coutryside, especially where the deer roam, ie just out the back of where I live. Some carry some sort of encephalitis, but fortunately they mostly hang around Stockholm and I live near Göteborg. Small blessings.

On the upside, it ain't winter in NZ!


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