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July 01, 2005

The best page in the universe

He's a right shirty buggar, but man is his page funny...

Apparently the 11 worst songs of 2004 were all by U2, can't say I'm surprised in the least...

Bono is 44. He's too old to "rock." I know people have been saying the same thing about Rolling Stones for years now, and every time the Rolling Stones go on tour, they prove their critics right. Give it a rest. I don't even blame U2 for this, it's you stupid fans. Maybe they'll stop annoying us with obnoxious commercials if you morons would stop lapping this shit up like anti-freeze at a petting zoo.

There is more.

Much, much, much more.

Anyone who can mention Reimann, Ren & Stimpy, convex volumetric fog rendering and dig up disturbingly erotic cartoon covers has got something worth listening to.


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