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June 09, 2005

You say potatoe, I say potato

The Astute Blogger neatly summarises the pervasive leftist fault:

Part of the Left's predilection for mistaking the "poetic" for the "real" is the result of the fact that Leftists are leading practitioners of (victims of?) post-modernism - which is not only anti-West and anti-bourgoise, but anti-reason.

The solution?

I have long argued that people who have a psychological diathesis for conflating "is" with "as" are more prone to being suckered by post-modernist mumbo-jumbo and swept up by Leftist ideology - and it best explains why Leftism persists even though it has utterly failed everywhere and everytime it has ever been tried. It persists because people who are illogical find it satisfying. Which - if it's true - points us toward the ultimate cure for Leftism: mandatory LOGIC CLASSES in every high school.

I dunno. If you make logic compulsory, like maths and spelling, then it would seem to follow that logic itself would be dead to the public in about 10 years.


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