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June 23, 2005

Thou shalt not

Govt can not stop cricket tour of Zimbabwe - Goff

The NZ cricket team is off to tour Zimbabwe. The Greens want the government to "stop" the tour.

Now, Zimbabwe is spiralling into a hellhole under the rule of a fascist thug. But, is it really necessary to start giving powers to the NZ government to decide who can go and play sport where? Sure, it's a pretty bad decision to continue the tour, but the government in NZ does not have the power to cancel sporting tours. The various sporting administrations, after all, are not organs of the state no matter how much Mr Donald wishes them to be.

Phil Goff sums it up in an unusually straightforward and coherent manner...

"Well you can't stop them going. Only a dictatorial, autocratic regime can stop New Zealanders from leaving their own country," Mr Goff said.

"That's exactly what we're protesting about in terms of what Mugabe is doing."

In other words we don't like it, but we can't and shouldn't stop them.


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