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June 10, 2005

Swedish women take a step right

The liberal block of parties in Sweden has overtaken the socialist ruling group. Hooray! Now if they can just carry it to the polls.

One snippet of interest...

Undersökningens mest påtagliga trend är att moderaterna lockar kvinnliga röster från socialdemokraterna.

The survey's most notable trend is that the Moderates are taking women voters away from the Social Democrats.

This is amusing given that in the last few weeks the left has been beside itself in trying to sway women voters, with the Left party bleeding them, a new Feminist Initiative being built for them and the Social Democrats trying to convince them they aren't a bunch of paternalist buggars. So what do women do? Flock to the Moderates, the largest centre-party. Geez, maybe women here aren't as stupid as leftists think they are.

What a coup that'd be in the next year, if both Sweden and NZ gave the socialists the boot. Mind, it'd only be following a growing trend in the West. I think most electorates have now seen the donkey that the socialists have sold them.


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