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June 15, 2005

Sweden and the EU constitution

Dear leader Göran Persson is recommending delaying the Swedish decision on the EU constitution for a year.

Sweden wasn't going to have a referendum on the issue, it was to be voted on only by parliament. So why delay a vote on what they were going to do? Apparently, because France and Holland voted no, it isn't a good time.

Or, in the real world... There is an election within a year. Ratifying the constitution, as the Social Democrats are certain to do, would allow the plebs to use the election as a de facto referendum. OK, the opposition also favours the EU but the Socialists have been damaged by a series of recent embarrasments, dropping steadily in the polls, and the French and Dutch voters have handed every other country the ability to freely stick it to their governments in a cost-free manner.

Patronising git. Are voters truly that stupid? I doubt it. Voters of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your socialists!

PS. Why aren't the Swedes allowed a referendum on the consitution? Something which could hardly be more fundamental to a nation? According to Göran because that might lead to referendums on other issues. I shit you not, he says that in the article (Någon folkomröstning är inte aktuell för honom. Han inser att detta kan leda till fortsatta krav på folkomröstning från olika håll.)


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