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June 29, 2005

Something from the NYT you won't see in Swedish

This from the NYT, via Instapundit. I wonder when we will see this translated into the Swedish dailies, which usually use the NYT as gospel. Oh wait, I know when, Zzzzzzzz...

Senators Laud Treatment of Detainees in Guantánamo

Published: June 28, 2005
WASHINGTON, June 27 - Senators from both sides of the aisle competed on Monday to extol the humane treatment of detainees whom they said they saw on a weekend trip to the military detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. All said they opposed closing the center.

"I feel very good" about the detainees' treatment, Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, said.

That feeling was also expressed by another Democrat, Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

On Monday, Senator Jim Bunning, Republican of Kentucky, said he learned while visiting Guantánamo that some detainees "even have air-conditioning and semiprivate showers."

Another Republican, Senator Michael D. Crapo of Idaho, said soldiers and sailors at the camp "get more abuse from the detainees than they give to the detainees." . . .


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