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June 16, 2005

Silent Running: The who now?

This is so funny it is hard to believe it is true, from Silent Running: The who now?...

Ok the NZ Rugby Team wears all black so they're called the Allblacks (Actually there's another story behind it but we'll go with this one for the time being).

The NZ Cricket Team wears caps so they're called the Black Caps.

The Hockey Team - Black Sticks.

Basketball - The Tall Blacks.

It was imagination like this that gave us place names "Shoal Bay" the big shallow bay next to the excitingly named "Harbour Bridge", "Little Shoal Bay", the smaller shallow bay next to it. The Maori settlers were no better but they said it in Maori so it sounds flasher. Almost every name involves a reference to water in some form. Stunning in it's inventiveness but I'm sure you get the theme.

Anyway the NZ Badminton Team are looking for a name. They play with shuttlecocks so....

Yep, they're the Blackcocks!

Nope, I couldn't make this up.

We're so PC aren't we.


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