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June 16, 2005

Say you, say me

Surfing the channels last night in an effort to find something to watch before turning in for the (very light) night.

Oh a doco on Discovery about NZ! The French blowing up the Rainbow Warrior. Well OK I know that story but what the heck. Huh? Auckland is the capital of NZ??? Note to Discovery researchers, get an atlas.


TV8 (I think). Lionel Ritchie talking to some interviewer. Pause briefly. Oh, so Lionel is getting into world politics. Interviewer asks him what he thinks about, paraphrasing here, "how the world sees America and its foreign policy and GDP and drive for money". Lionel, instead of calling her out on it, blithers on about, well, I think it had something to do with not being so obsessed with money. Just before calling for more aid. Sigh. A little later he starts into yet more rubbish... "The world has never been as divided as it is now." What unadulterated bullshit. He then weakly qualified it with "In my memory the world has never been...". Yes Lionel, the world seemed more united back in the Cold War because, well it was stand together or be united under the hammer and sickle. Remember back before then? The first half of the twentieth century? You know, two world wars, sundry other wars, revolutions etc etc? Not much brotherly love there. The 19th century wasn't exactly a boy scout jamboree either. Then he started on about how he had tried to make his music more about something other than love, something more "meaningful", but people didn't want that. They wanted love songs. No shit. Perhaps because political songs are vacuous loads of crap. And Lionel, if the current worst-disunity-ever is the price to pay for toppling madmen like Saddam and the Taliban, pissing off corrupt tossers like Chirac and Schroeder and putting the wind up North Korea and Iran, well then let the good times roll! Frankly, a world with a bit of disunity is better than a united one that tolerates these bastards. Which leads to the question. Just what the hell is anyone asking Lionel Ritchie about anything like this for? He knew nothing, had an appalling knowledge of history (recent or otherwise), refused to do anything other than passively reinforce anything the interviewer said and his position was nothing more than "can't we just love everybody?". Is it just a coincidence that all these aging singers, musicians, actors etc wind up in "politics" if they don't just fade away into obscurity? One never hears of them doing anything else, it's always Lionel spouting about unity, Cameron Diaz taking a crap in the woods or Bob Geldof failing Ethiopia again. I guess being a self-selected group there is probably a strong common pyschological thread related to this, but it would be refreshing to see one day one of these twits reinventing themselves as something more difficult than a "save the world pseud".


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