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June 22, 2005

One vote for Poppa Smurf

If you ever wonder why the world is still so messed up, you don't need to go much further than...

Karl Marx takes lead in BBC poll of philosophers

They even found a cheerleader to interview:

A win for Marx, who wrote The Communist Manifesto, would delight Francis Wheen, the author of a recent biography of the German-born thinker.

Wheen said: “He’s far more wide-ranging than the others on the list. He was not just a philosopher but was also very much involved in politics, economics and history. Marxism is also still a continuing argument, so that helps to give him credibility and relevance.”

Many critics disagree, arguing that communism has largely been discredited. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellites and with China now embracing the free market, only a handful of countries, including Cuba and North Korea, still try to stick to Marx’s ideology.

“Actually, Marx himself was rather buried, as it were, by communist leaders such as Stalin and Kim Il-sung during much of the 20th century,” said Wheen. “It is they who discredited communism, but Marx’s own ideas are still very viable and influential.”

Yeah, nothing wrong with Marxism, it was all those other guys who messed it up. If they had stuck to the script it would have been peachy, just force a complete change in human behaviour and ignore people's desire to be free. What further proof do you need that socialism is nothing more than a religion? The full Marx quote, not often seen, is "Religion is the opiate of the masses and I am going to give them heroin".

Marx's own ideas, yeah great, we need to keep ideas alive from an anti-semitic, racist dimbulb whose ideas have been demonstrated to be totally at variance to anything approaching reality. Someone else sums it up nicely:

Another sceptic is Lisa Jardine, professor of renaissance studies at Queen Mary, University of London. “People are just voting for him because he’s an old man with a white beard and this is how they think of philosophers,” she said.

I vote for Poppa Smurf! He was old with a white beard too. He also made far more sense than Marx and usually kept the posturing intellectual fools (Brainy smurf) away from power.

Still, at least one decent guy get on the list...

The only other English-born philosopher on the list is John Stuart Mill, who championed the liberty of the individual against “the tyranny of the majority”.

But he didn't advocate revolution, death, empty posturing and cults of personality so why would all the pseudo-anarchist, Che t-shirt wearing poseurs vote for him?


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