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June 07, 2005

Oh Geneva

Keith Locke, NZ Green MP and all-round anti-everything peaceful Marxist, is up in arms about NZ sending off some special forces to round up Taliban in Afghanistan.

Read the article and keep in mind that this is the man who, back in the dark ages, whole-heartedly supported the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. It makes the read very amusing in that light. He was also a platinum-card member of the Khmer Rouge fan club, until the party got broken up. The man is a grade-A plonker, on the wrong side of history in every instance (not unlike his fellow traveller, Chomsky).

NZ role in dirty war

The redeployment of the SAS to Afghanistan this week will once again put New Zealand troops in the midst of one of the dirtiest campaigns in America's war on terror.

NZ's special forces, one of the few remaining operational assets of the NZ armed forces, is being deployed to Afghanistan to round up assorted bad-asses in "America's" dirty war. Presumably Afghanistan is quite dusty coming into summer, so they are going to get dirty.

Of late, everyone from Amnesty International to the United Nations has been having a go at the Americans over their mistreatment of prisoners in Afghanistan.

Everyone from AI to the UN? Wow, that must be like just about the entire world.

He then blithers on about the Geneva Conventions and international law. Apparently those captured in Afghanistan should be treated as liberation fighters and should be allowed to have lawyers. It seems now that murderous criminals are covered by the Geneva Convention. But really, deep down inside they are all really just like Nelson Mandela apparently (is there something like Godwin's Law for Nelson Mandela? Something along the lines of the argument ceasing when someone justifies X by comparing X to Mandela?), or that might just be a bait-and-switch to divert the argument with false analogy. The Geneva Conventions are a two way street and it is fairly well documented what the "other side" does with their captives.

But there is an election coming up and the Greens need to hack a few votes of the left-flank of the Labour government to prop up their flagging polls which are sliding them towards electoral oblivion. Any cause will do, even if it is deliriously misguided.


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