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June 30, 2005

Newsflash, Bush gives typical Bush speech

Following hot on the heels of the last non-analysis of Bush's speech we have

Hård kritik mot Bushs Iraktal
(Harsh criticism of Bush's Iraq speech)

It goes round the world to find anyone and everyone who wants to have a bash at it but were apparently too lazy to read it or listen to it.

One Erik Åsard, of the "North American Institute" in Uppsala, Sweden is quoted:

Han anser att talet var "typiskt för Bush". Det innehöll inte mycket nytt och egentligen ville Bush bara understryka varför USA är i Irak och varför det är nödvändigt att stanna.

He thinks that the speech was "typical of Bush". It didn't contain much new and really Bush only wanted to underscore why the USA is in Iraq and why it was necessary to stay.

Exsqueeze me? But, what on Earth was he expecting? It was a speech, about Iraq, by the president of the USA. I can't really see what his problem is here, how it amounts to anything reportable or how it even is relevant. He might as well have said "Bush made a speech".

For comment about the ACTUAL SPEECH, you of course have to turn away from MSM sites. Q and O have a round up of THE CONTENT and finish with

Well, there was nothing there that we haven't been saying here for a couple of years. Notably, the president didn't really sugarcoat the situation in Iraq at all. He said it's been hard, and progress has been slow. But, we are making progress.

He did make it clear, however, that he's not going to reverse course in Iraq. He laid out what he plans to do, laid out a political and military strategy.

This is the kind of thing the Administration should've been pounding on for the last two years. No matter how important social security or taxation is, this is the central issue facing the country, and the Administration hasn't made nearly enough effort to stay on top of the issue publicly.

Hopefully, this will not be a one-time speech, but the start of a concerted effort to let the American people know what is going on in Iraq, what progress is being made, and how we can move closer to winning against the terrorists there.

Dean Esmay says...

It was a fine speech, and the aftermath of it will be positive. Not for Bush per se--indeed, it's pointless to wonder about its affect on Bush. He's not running for President. History will judge his legacy once he's gone. There's no more need to get into stupid "this hurts him or helps him" stuff. The question is whether it helps the troops, and the war effort.

Yes, it does both. No, it says nothing he hasn't said before, except for the bit about encouraging young people to enlist and to be proud of that choice if they make it. But nothing new NEEDED to be said: we are committed, this is a just and moral cause, and the price of failure would be horrific.

It was absolutely right to hold it on prime time, and a good time to do it. As many people as possible need to see it. Unlike most of those of us who are plugged into politics in the blogosophere, everyday Americans needed reassuring. Most of them got that.

No, not the BDS-sufferers and the fascist sympathizers. Nothing will change those. But the waverers who needed bucking up got it. This is a good thing.

But wait. These guys seem to have read the speech itself rather than faxed off their standard "Bush speech response" with the appropriate date inserted.


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