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June 17, 2005

Kyoto miscalculations continue...

Further to the NZ govt bollocksing up its Kyoto calculations (which is getting notice even further abroad, but they are only libertarian Americans so they probably don't count), some have started claiming that, hey, its only a billion bucks over a few years, what's the big deal? As David Farrar points out, there is no surer sign of the fucked up attitudes (paraphrasing here) towards governance and spending from the pampered pussies on the left.

Sir Humphrey links to the best comment of all...

Sir Humphrey's: Comment of The Week

By far and away the funniest, cleverest and best aimed barb I have seen for a long time, from Mr Tips over at Farrar's place. Couldn't figure out how to copy it so I've taken the trouble to transcribe it. Well worth the effort.

Dear Mr Russell Brown

I have done a few calculations of my own (being a scientist I do it all the time).

These calculations run as follows:

If you multiplied all the analysis of the 'scientific consensus' and divided it by the number of liberal left weiners present in the 'consensus', then took into account their fat bank balances and chardonay allowances, took the square root, log transformed it and applied post-hoc Bonferroni, the answer is:

Another whole pile of shit from "writers" like you.

Global warming is a natural event. 6,000 years ago, Finland had the climate currently enjoyed by Denmark. There have been more C02 emissions and sulphur put out by three volcanoes (Krakatoa, Pinatubo and Mt St Helens) than the ENTIRE human contribution.

I suggest you start writing for Marie Clare or Cosmo, they sound more up your alley.

Mr Tips.

Aaaaaahhhhhh! Where do you get quality commentary like this in the MSM?

As a scientist myself, all I have to say is, someone buy that man a beer or six! Mr Tips, if you ever come to Sweden I will buy you one.

(It is a bit strange, but I can't remember meeting any "scientists" involved in numerical analysis, modelling, dynamics, atmospherics etc who would stake their salaries betting on "global warming" or "Kyoto". Which is usually not a good sign, even if you aren't a fisherman you still know when a fish smells rotten.)


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