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June 13, 2005

Interview with a Lama

The Dalai Lama was in Göteborg for a seminar. One KG Hammar, who seems to be held in high regard for some reason, lead the discussion. From one newspaper article I took the following snippet...

Then came the questions about if Bush's political actions can be seen as ethical topics.

"Parts of the Bible Bush hasn't read. For example turning the other cheek, said KG Hammar which drew much applause"

Oh ho, nice cheap shot. He must have been saving that one for a special occasion. But I guess Hammar hasn't read the "eye for an eye" part either.

The Dalai Lama pleaded for a softer line when he last met Bush. "Violence is never good and violence breeds more violence. The Dalai Lama wants to see different aspects of war and what the goals can be. In the Second World War and the Korean War the goal was democracy, while it is too early to say what the Iraq war has lead to," he said to Bush.

I don't know what the Dalai Lama actually said. The actual seminar was in English but here posted in Swedish, so we just have to take this double translation. But, surely the Dalai Lama is not stupid enough to conflate the goals of WWII and Korea with the outcomes of Iraq. Is this a mistranslation, deliberate or otherwise?

"I am not so diplomatic as you. It was exactly what Bush wanted ti hear. I want you to say the next time that violence can never be legitimate," said KG Hammar.

Ah Mr Hammar, you are a twat. Although I'm sure he makes exceptions for self-defence, protecting ones children or maybe even people's revolutions. Who knows?

"I chose not to judge. I only said to Bush that he had made an important decision. Next time I want you to speak with Bush and I will sit in the background and nod," said the Dalai Lama.

As close as the Dalai Lama will ever come to saying, "put your money where your mouth is, dumbass".

Så kom då frågan om Bush agerande i politiken kan ses som etiska handlingar.
- Vissa delar av Bibeln har han inte läst. Exempelvis den om att vända andra kinden till, sade KG Hammar och drog mängder med applåder.
Dalai Lama pläderade för en mjukare linje när han sist träffade Bush. Våld är aldrig bra och våld föder mer våld. Dalai Lama vill se olika aspekter på krig och vilka målen kan vara. I andra världskriget och Koreakriget var målen demokrati, medan det är för tidigt att säga vad Irakkriget har lett till, hade han sagt till Bush.
- Jag är inte så diplomatisk som du. Det var ju precis vad Bush ville höra. Jag vill att du nästa gång säger att våld aldrig kan legitimeras, sade KG Hammar.
- Jag valde att inte döma. Jag sade bara till Bush att han hade fattat viktiga beslut. Nästa gång vill jag att du för talan hos Bush och så sitter jag i bakgrunden och nickar, sade Dalai Lama.

KG Hammar, arch Bishop of the Swedish church, has a Wikipedia entry. It is in Swedish but here is some of it

He is often critical of global capitalism and has been criticised by, among others, Alf Svensson, who labelled him a leftist-populist.

Other parts describe him as a radical theologian, apparently some sort of Christian-in-name only as far as I can tell.

In other words, you can fairly accurately predict his opinion on topics of politics and religion without knowing what the questions are.


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