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June 23, 2005

I have a cunning plan...

Another round of dingbattery finds its way into the papers...

Who shares wins in the battle of the sexes

A discussion paper published by Australia's Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner yesterday says population growth, workforce participation and productivity - the three Ps the treasurer says are essential for economic growth - would be enhanced if men and women spread the responsibility for paid work and housework and caring for children and the elderly.

But to do this there need to be changes in the law, society and workplace culture.

I love that. To achieve population, participation and productivity, the only thing that needs to be done is to change the law, the workplace and, oh, erm, oh yeah, society. Colour me sceptical, but when all these great things can be achieved only by changing, well, just about absolutely everything then it is an indicator that the proponent is talking out their arse.

A bit further on...

The current arrangement, where women do most of the housework and child care, and men are primary breadwinners works against "the principles of a democratic and just society", the paper says. And even though the arrangement appears to be the result of private choices, freely made, the level of disquiet and exhaustion in Australian families showed the opposite is true.

"Choices are never made in a vacuum," it says. They are influenced by government laws and policies, employer practices, and community attitudes. Under current tax policies, for example, there is "no incentive for both parents to work part time and share the care of their children more equally".

The paper says women are often reluctant to acknowledge the inequity of current arrangements. "Domestic harmony may be seen as a trade-off for ignoring unfair arrangements."

Get that? You think you are making those choices, but you are making choices contrary to my expectations so in fact you are clearly not making free choices. The only way you could be making free choices is if those choices correspond to my desires, how dare you consider "domestic harmony" (spit) in your decision making? In other words, you have no choice, I will decide for you, you ignorant plebs. Ah the joys of leftism.

Curiously, in countries that have these sort of policies like, oh, Sweden women still seem to make the choice to stay home more than the men and the policies have the precise reverse of intentions (lower productivity and participation, not much population). It seems that sometimes you can't re-educate people enough, they keep on making their own damn choices. It's almost as if, somehow, there is some sort of strange innate difference between men and women. But I know that can't be true because they told me at university that gender is a social construct.


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