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June 14, 2005

Happy birthday NZ SAS

From Silent Running...

The Special Air Service, is celebrating 50 years of service this week.
It was on June 7th 1955 that the first recruits for this unit marched in to Waiouru Camp to prepare for operational service in Malaya.

Since that date, this elite group has built a reputation for excellence second to none on the world stage. New Zealand can be proud of their achievements.

They have been deployed to overseas theatres of operation by numerous governments with notable results. One record envied by other armies and countries is that only two of their members have been killed on active service.

Ahh, no wonder the Greens and other leftist treehuggers don't like the SAS. They are (1) professional, (2) good at their jobs and (3) started out killing commies in Malaya.

The SAS is now begining it's third combat deployment in Afghanistan after flying out of RNZAF Whenuapai in two USAF aircraft recently.

Minister of Defence Mark Buton hastened to state that this was not to be taken as an indication of an improvement in US/NZ relations.

OK, add (4) are now out killing fascists in central Asia. Of course the US/NZ relationship, while strained by successive dumbarse Labour governments playing up the "we hate America" meme to a docile population, is being carefully tended even by those same dipsticks in government because they know that, aside from that snowball in hell, the only chance NZ has in the face of a catastrophe of invasive proportions is the US Armed Forces.


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