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June 10, 2005

Greens truly are idiots

The Greens really are a bunch of dipshits...

Time to stop the mobile rip off: Kedgley - Green Party

The Green Party is backing the Telecommunications Commissioner’s call that he be given the power to rein in the price of calling a mobile phone from a landline.

Telco watchdog Douglas Webb has found ‘mobile termination charges’ are excessive in New Zealand and is asking the Government for the authority to limit them. Mobile companies charge this margin for accepting calls from a landline, with the cable-based companies in turn passing it back to the caller using the fixed phone.

“Anyone who calls a mobile from a landline is being ripped off,” said Sue Kedgley, the Greens’ Telecommunications Spokesperson.

“Telecom and Vodafone are exploiting the fact that ringing a mobile is often now a necessity for many people, such as parents keeping track of their teenagers. It is also a classic example of big companies reaping an unreasonable dividend off the fundamental business needs of small companies.

“The Commissioner has had a long, hard look at this issue. His call is not unreasonable and must be supported. The telcos can whinge all they want, but ultimately the parameters within which all commerce operates are set by the State on behalf of society as a whole. This rort has now been exposed and it’s time it was closed down.

“If Mr Webb succeeds in cutting this charge from 27c to 15c a minute, most New Zealanders would see one of their major monthly bills - their landline in their homes and businesses - drop dramatically. That’s the equivalent of a serious tax cut, but it will be at the expense of corporate profits, not Government services.

“Having said that, while cheaper calls will save people a lot of money, it will probably lead to greater use of cell phones. Mobiles are a wonderful technology that facilitate modern life, but authorities should be keeping a close eye on their health effects, as the jury is still out on the safety of prolonged or intensive use, particularly by youngsters.

“We would therefore also like additional regulatory powers for the Telecommunications Commissioner so that he can regulate marketing that encourages young people to use their mobiles to an excessive degree,” said Ms Kedgley.

The companies may be making an "excessive" margin on calls from landlines to mobiles, depending on your definition of excessive. However, people seem willing to bear that cost on what is a totally discretionary activity. Enforcing an artificial price structure will do what? Are we going to have the economic geniuses of the Green party setting call prices? Maybe a better idea is to deregulate the market properly, get more companies in and watch them fight for a share of the market. See how quickly those margins come down then!

"Equivalent of a serious tax cut". Excuse me while I laugh hysterically. In other words, if we can't have your money, there ain't no way we are letting some phone company have it either. The obvious problem is that phone use is discretionary and taxes aren't. Don't give me that shit about calling your kids, the world got on just fine finding kids before mobiles and a few less calls is not going to change that. This woman endlsessly brings up "the children" to justify any of her jackboot proposals.

But then, Kedgley is the leader of the charge of the modern technology is bad for you. Mobile phones BAAADDDD. Irradiation of food BAAAADDDD. Anything you have to plug in BAAADDDD.

So, she wants to enforce price cuts and then impose market regulations to rein in the greater use that will give your kids cancer.

Geniuses, absolute geniuses. If their politics weren't so plainly transparent as grabs for power over (1) business and (2) private people then it would be laughable. But that is exactly what they are about. The amazing thing is that they are outright dumb enough to write it down and publish it.


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