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June 09, 2005

Goats against the war

Say what you might about Sweden being odd, at least it isn't Norway...

Commies and one goat protest against Rumsfeld

Let me introduce you to the goat Elena (2.5 years). She is one of a group of around 80 demonstrators who met, or rather tried to meet, US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld as he visited Stavanger in western Norway yesterday. The goat, according to one Gunnar Vadla, is a "peace goat" who protests the visit because she doesn't want Rumsfeld in Norway.

The human demonstrators were from Sosialistisk Ungdom (Socialist Youth) and Rød Ungdom (Red Youth), which are the youth organisations of the far left and extreme left, respectively.

A group of counter-demonstrators representing Norwegian Kurds, who wanted to give Rumsfeld flowers for his role in liberating Iraq, and the Conservative party, who wanted to show appreciation for the US role in liberating Norway in WWII, were also present. Without goats.

Further to the Kurds greeting Rumsfeld, the Stockholm Spectator has some reaction:

Swedish public radio this morning featured a telling exchange (P1, 8:25am). Nordic correspondent Bengt Lindroth reported from Norway about yesterday’s anti-Rumsfeld demonstrations.

Host Lasse Johansson: Pro-Rumsfeld demonstrations have also been held [in Norway], I understand. Who were the organizers?

Lindroth: Some Kurds in Stavanger wanted to give flowers (audible snicker) to Rumsfeld.

Hilarious, I’m sure.

Ahh, the media. So enlightened the world over.


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