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June 07, 2005

Go away for a week and what happens?

The French finally get round to doing something useful and voted down the EU constitution. Various groups up in arms about it... why? Ask any citizen and they will have absolutely no clue as to what is in the thing. More than good enough reason to kick it into touch if you ask me. According to one high ranked Swedish minister this will directly lead to the reopening of Auschwitz, this author remains sceptical.

The Swedish Left Party (vänsterpartiet) have thrown a wobbly at the government saying they won't cooperate if the government ratifies the constitution (democracy loving Social Democrats don't bother people with voting on trifling issues like this). Others say it is a desperate diversionary move to take the attention away from the high placed MP who defected to the Greens last week. The Greens welcomed the communist idealist member with open arms, which should give pause to anyone considering voting for that bag of loons.

The EU authorities rapped Sweden over the knuckles with a damp fish for monopolising pharmaceutical sales. Whereas in most countries you can buy head-ache pills and other non-prescription items in a supermarket, in Sweden you have to go to state-run Apoteket. For everything. A general pain in the arse. In contortions to save the monopoly the government got the EU to agree that it was only the possible lack of competition for non-Swedish EU products that was the problem, not a stupid monopoly in itself. Thus the Social Democrats can save Apoteket by some minor fiddling. One minister said that the monopoly was crucial for pharmaceutical sales to be driven by need, not profit. Others were heard to say, you idiot. As always everyday pills and potions remain expensive and difficult to get. Long live the monopoly!

Yesterday (June 6) was the first time that Sweden's National Day was a public holiday. Most citizens remained confused as to exactly why the 6th of June is the National Day, but were happy for a lie-in all the same. Unfortunately it came at the cost of a previous day off being disbanded so noone really wins, except the chaps who lobbied for the change I guess.


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