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June 09, 2005

Fish Bilger

Over at the New Criterion, Keith Windschuttle has an excellent piece: The journalism of warfare. Windschuttle is a master of assembling statistics, facts and historical background or conversely demonstrating the barefaced lies of statistics used by others. Here he details exactly how the "journalism" of the likes of Fisk and Pilger is really nothing more than their lifelong politics brought to the fore with little resemblance to the reality of what they purport to be covering.

In the face of the sheer weight of scholarship that Hanson brought to his journalism, the most that his political opposites like Pilger and Fisk could offer was distortion and invention. Pilger has made the most outlandish claims about American responsibility for the disasters of South East Asia based on no plausible evidence whatsoever, and now routinely invents the statistics he quotes for the casualties of warfare. Fisk is an Arab romanticist whose ideology so distorts his view of Islamic terrorism and of Arab despotism that he cannot be trusted to give an honest account of what he sees in the street.


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