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June 14, 2005

Cooking the books

You have to be amazed by the sheer gall of some so-called public servants...

Here is an email sent on 25 May from one Corrections Manager to several other managers including the boss:

I’ve been successful in getting policy to do a limited research paper on behalf of CIE [Corrections Inmates Employment] for year end.

The aim is to demonstrate that CIE training results in released inmates in post release employment. This is significant if we are to maintain the assertion that employment training and experience, contributes to reintegration and reducing reoffending …………the basis for CIE existence.

The report output will be highly skewed as we are looking for our top inmate performers. People you or your staff have heard back from who have jobs, people who you thought were the most likely to get a job post release. The intent is to be able to say that XX inmates participated in employment training and are or were in jobs.

To do this I need your managers’ help to collect some data. We want to use this info to help build the case for further funding for employment training.

"Corrections" is the euphemistic title of "jails and other not so nice places".

What does the appropriate Minister say?

Here’s what Minister Swain had to say in the House - “I have not heard of the allegation until now, and that is not what I would describe as cooking the books". So what would he describe as cooking the books? After all, we are dealing with experts.

It isn't cooking the books, Labour MPs have no concept of "someone else's money" or "financial responsibility" or, you know, "ethics" or "morals". When you are making a good meal, you know the desired outcome so it is plain common-sense to ensure the preparation and cooking proceed towards that result. Isn't "research" the same?

ANyway, how is it that the appropriate Minister is always THE last person to know about some scandal or misconduct? Jeez, these dimbulbs are paid exorbitant salaries (with regular increases in line with top-of-the-line business salaries) to keep them in "public service" and not running off to the private sector to make a fortune... yet they are incapable of running their own offices and never know anything of importance unless it involves free trips overseas and a trough full of gravy. If they were ever let loose on a real company it'd be bankrupt within six months.

(Hat tip, Rodney Hide)


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