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May 02, 2005

Pär says "Vietnam awoke me".

Pär Nuder, now and then tipped to follow Göran Persson as Prime Minister in Sweden (apparently here they are appointed in succession, not voted on) is quoted in an article titled "Klasskampens tid är förbi" or "The class-struggle's time has passed". The very final quote is

Han var också personlig och berättade om hur han för exakt 30 år sedan firade Vietnamkrigets slut.
- Själv minns jag hur några amerikanska soldater sparkade på en vietnames som låg ned. Då stängde mamma av TV:n. I samma ögonblick väcktes mitt politiska engagemang.

He was also personal and told of how he, exactly 30 years ago, celebrated the end of the Vietnam war. "Myself, I remember how some American soldiers kicked a Vietnamese who lay on the ground. Then my mother turned off the TV. At that moment my political engagement was awakened".

Of course it did, seeing near propaganda scale coverage of a war that was used for political convenience by the vacuous left of Europe awoke your political feelings. Of course they never showed on TV tens of thousands of boat people fleeing and dying, or thousands incarcerated in re-education camps or day-to-day executions, so THAT can't really have happened. Likewise, old film of East German troops shooting people attempting to flee to the West never awoke the same feelings. Nope, just a few soldiers kicking someone. Tens of thousands of people starving in the Great Leap Forward? Mother didn't let me see anything else that might make me think that socialism was a load of total arse and that maybe a communist defeat in Vietnam might have been a better "victory" for the common man. But then South Korea is a basket-case compared to the industrious North isn't it? Pull the other one Pär.


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