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May 02, 2005

Nuremberg, Sweden

The first-of-May "celebrations" have been and gone. There is a small photo journal on the Göteborgs Posten website. Is it just me, or does Göteborg look more like Nuremberg circa 1939 in some of these pictures? I guess it would be too conspiratorial to note the central square is Gustav Adolf's Square. And really, does that petty thug Guevara have to be trotted out at every gathering of the local communist-spotters club? You can see the glitterati of the Communist Party, sorry, the Left Party in these photos as well. Exciting!

Somehow I missed the whole thing. It was a hot sunny day and work outside beckoned. Oh dear, there I go working... not something one is supposed to do when one is a "worker". But I think I live in a somewhat bourgeois neighborhood, which is one where apparently no one on the street owns a drum.


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