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May 04, 2005

Leave the flag alone

Silent Running reports on further failed attempts to change the NZ flag.

They know what it looks like in East Timor. They know what it looks like in Le Quesnoy, they fly it there every day unlike most New Zealand schools. They know what it looks like in Afghanistan. They know what it looks like in Iraq. They know what it looks like in Turkey. They know what it looks like in Crete. they know what it looks like in Italy. The two cops who pulled one out of the rubble of the WTC didn't know who's it was but they sure as hell knew what it was and took the trouble to return it. If it had been a black flag with a logo silver fern on it they wouldn't have even glanced at it twice.

There have been on-going attempts to change it for years. The usual reasons cited are it isn't distinctive enough, or it isn't "representative" enough, or it is too "British". Various marketing types would change it every few years, devolving the whole thing into a farce. Rabid socialists hate the Union Jack, supposedly it is too colonialist. Nevermind that the vast majority of the population is descended from those countries so it is really quite representative. Some say it has no Maori influence, but then Maori never had flags and the Southern Cross is the distinctive feature of the southern Pacific night sky. The flag has been round for a good amount of time now and been the national symbol through many bad and good times. It seems a shame to chuck it out because a bunch of marketers and socialists want something they can bend to their own use while simultaneously ejecting the history of the nation. Some things should endure through time...


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