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May 19, 2005

God's rods

What do you do as a major Swedish daily when you have nothing to lead the world section on a slow news day? Recycle a New York Times article about US space warfare as something new and ominously threatening to the world.

Trouble is, it is pretty much a load of toss from the get go, as outlined at Defense Tech:

It's from this collection that the Times' Tim Weiner draws at least some of its examples of weapons in orbit. And I'm afraid Weiner may have confused the Air Force's equivalent of day dreams with full-blown, big-money Pentagon development efforts.

Yes, "Rods from God" is mentioned in the 2003 "Flight Plan." But the idea was debunked so long ago that's it's hard to believe the service is actually pursuing the Rods in any serious way. As Columbia University physics professor Richard Garwin noted, the Rods could only work if they orbited at low altitudes. And that means they "could only deliver one-ninth the destructive energy per gram as a conventional bomb."

(Hat tip Instapundit for the Defense Tech link)


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